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Due to the holidays and my painting calendar the new workshops will start in 2022.

Photography workshop

Welcome to the Pixel Pet ArtStudio Dog Portrait Photography workshop!

To enter the free workshop send me a message below. Put in the comments:

- How did you hear about the Dog Photography Workshop?

- Where are you from?

- How many dogs do you have and what are their/his/her name(s)?

- What kind of camera or phone do you use making photos?

- What are your personal goals for this workshop? (Think about: getting the dog's attention, sharpness, light, composition, angles..etc.)


The e-mail address you are sending in will be used to send you an invitation to join in Teams. It is not necessary to already have an account in Teams, you can easily join by clicking on the link in the e-mail and  join with the internet version.

The invitation will be send to you ten minutes prior to the workshop.


The group will not be larger than 8 people to give the proper attention to your personal goals, so please don't hesitate to join but register now for the free workshop! The date and time will be send to you after your registration.

Registration form

About the trainer

dog portrait cocker spaniel

My name is Jessica Vonk and I was a studio portrait photographer and resident trainer for sixteen years at Photo Corporation and Fosica.

For two years now I have been making digital dog and cat paintings in Photoshop, combining my passions:  portraits with classic art.

I have two dogs, Daantje, who is an American Cocker Spaniel and Neeltje, a Dachshund. Next to a digital portrait studio (camera: Nikon, lights: Elinchrome) I have an iPhone where most of my photo's are shot with. 


studio portrait two dachshunds / doxies
studio portrait dachshund and owner

The workshop is for beginning photographers, but also when you are advanced you are very welcome to join and share your knowledge!

In the workshop we will focus on your personal goals you send in. I will answer your questions and explain the how's but also (very important!) the why's. Because a lot of people are forced to stay at home because of Covid regulations I decided to do this workshop. For me it's fun to share my knowledge and I hope that I can give you the tools to make some extra pawsome portraits of your pups! Of course I am hoping to learn from you as well.

English is not my first language, but I will do my very best to not let it show.


If you have questions regarding the workshop send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or send in a contact form.

Jessica Vonk.