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Digital versus Canvas

Published on 30 March 2019 at 10:03

Digital and canvas paintings.

I had a great afternoon looking at the artwork and making some photo's in Roel's amazing workplace. I admire his work very much. He has his own brandname: Studio Bambergen, next to digital paintings he makes video's and photo's. Thank you Roel for the lovely afternoon!

Today I went to Carre in Tilburg to visit a friend, Roel Sloot who is a great painter, in his working studio. Photo's included are all of the visit. He paints on canvas, totally different from a digital painting.
Both kind of ' painting'  techniques have there own pro's en con's, but are really totally different art forms!

Let me start with some pro's of painting digitally:

-less of a mess. My working table is very clean. I don't need to change my clothing when I start painting. No tubes laying around and no dirty brushes.
-Painting a scene from a photo can go directly on the photo so in most cases it looks more realistic... (depending on the artist too..) great when you work with clients portraits that need to be very realistic!
- When things aren't going the way you planned you just delete and start over, no painting over canvas or needing a new one.
-You can work on a lot of pieces at the same time, you don't need any room to store your other works.
-You can work on your digital file wherever you want, just bring your laptop with photoshop.
-Adding new stuff to your painting is easier since you just put together your layers.
-Your client can print the artwork in any size they want on any material they want.
-They can use the file for social media and websites, next to prints.
Those are a lot of pro's, but working on canvas has a lot of pro's too:
- You get texture, texture can give a lot of depth and more coulour effects in a paining.
-There is only one original. With a digital file you know the artist still has one.
-There is a nostalgic feeling to it.
-You don't work behind a computer screen, better for your eyes!
-Mixing the colors is more challenging, but also more rewarding when it turns out the way you want it.
-You are not depending on a computer or photoshop, so no system to break down, no tears when you didn't save. (Yes...been there...)
-The whole setting has got a nice feel to it, better than just a computer screen.
-You see what you get when it comes to colors, digital it all depends on the calibration of the screen and afterwards the quality of the print.
There are a lot more differences but these are the ones I came up with.
Digital artwork is in no comparison to painting on canvas really, two totally different art forms.
Hope you enjoyed this blog. Do leave a message.  Love, Jessica.

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