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Daantje's Choice

Ambassador Daantje the dog recommends:

Adventure Awaits Pixel Pet Art cotton tote bag!

For more information on price and shipment costs send me a message!

Rough structured portrait with name

Your dog in a rough print structured portrait with name!

These are non painted portraits, digitally altered to a rough print structure. Added with your pups name it is a wonderful wall art. You will get the digital file so you can have it printed in any size or on any material you like! A one pet image starts with 40 dollars, for more information contact me or see rough portraits.

This makes a wonderful gift!

Custom design Delfts Blue Prints

Delfts blue designs made with your pet!

Delfts Blue pottery is traditional Dutch Design, that people love from all over the world! You can send in a photo of your pup(s) and order a custom design of a Delfts blue pottery print. You can order it on a tile but you can also order the digital file so you can get it printed on any material you like! For more info see Prints and Prices on this website.

Custom design face masks

Want your dog or cat to beat this with you? For a custom design of your own pet you can send me an e-mail with a photo of your pet: info@digitalpetart.com . I will respond within two days with the design idea and a price offer for your custom fighter mask! 

Together we can Beat this! Custom designs of:

facemasks / mondkapje hond
hondenkunst karate
gezichtsmasker / facemask cocker spaniel
honden kunst / artwork of dog
facemask design karate dog
dog art karate dog / kunst hond
gezichtsmasker kat / facemask cat

Face masks Daantje's collection: "together we can beat this!" 

Washable double layered face mask, print with Karate dog, Sumo dog and Boxer dog.

Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm  

No sanitary PPE / not for medical use. It limits the transfer of infectious substances that are exhaled by the user to the environment and to others. Prevents allergies such as dust, bacteria, smoke, pollution, ash and pollen. Does not absorb liquids and does not smell. Breathable. Washable up to 65º. Polyester (100%) / cotton (100%) double layer. The cotton layer is for wearing on the inside, against the face.

Price Daantje's masks:  $15 dollars each ( 14,00 euro)*

+ $5,00 dollars shipment costs ( 4,00 euro Europe) send with Track & Trace

(*While supplies at the printers last)

dogs in art / kunstwerk honden facemask
set mondkapjes hondenkunst

Special offer multi-print set Daantje's masks

Set of three: $ 39 dollars (35 euro)*

The Karate dog, The Sumo dog and The Boxer dog.

Multi prints set of three different face masks, washable, double layered (not medical).



* + $5,00 dollars shipment costs United States (4,00 euro Europe) send with Track & Trace

kunst honden / dog art facemask
mondkapje hond / mouthcap dog art

Pre-order Daantje's "Together we can beat this" facemask(s)

honden kunst / dog art on facemask
dog art / honden kunst on facemask