Pixel Pet Art FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page


Q. How much time does it take to get my custom Pixel Pet Art?

A. It depends on the piece of art you want, the number of animals/people in it and the photo's you send in. Making the piece of art takes between 1 to 4 weeks, but keep in mind there could be a waiting list, especially around the holidays.


Q. What if I don't like the artwork?

A. While making it I keep you updated on the progress and ask for your feedback. You can be sure it will be a piece of art you like.


Q. I live in Sweden, can I have an artwork too?

A. Pixel Pet Art has made custom art for people all over the world. I don't need your pet here to come and model, I can use a photo of your fur friend.


Q. I have a photo I love to have in an artwork, but it's not sharp/clear/low quality, is that a problem?

A. No, it shouldn't be, but of course it's important for me that I can see the face and eyes. With most low quality photo's I am still able to work, but to be 100% sure you can always send it to me so I can check for you. It's most important you send in a photo you love.


Q. Do you sell the artworks of my dog to others?

A. No I will not, only if you like me to and give permission to use it for more prints or your dog was used for a promotional piece. Otherwise your artwork stays only available for you.

For any other questions about Pixel Pet Art send me an email or a contact form.