Pixel Pet Art and how it's made


Fill in the contact form describing your wishes. Let me know what kind of pet(s) you have and what you like best:  the classic style, a movie scene, a profession or a fairytale!

You can choose if I make you a digital painting of your pet, but a family portrait is possible too! 

It's a treasure to hang on your wall, one of a kind original, but also a beautiful gift if you are searching for an original present for a loved one.

How it's made

I will send you my idea and when you commission me I will start to digitally paint your artwork. You will get a big high quality file that you can use for big prints or for social media


Who makes your piece of art?

After being a portrait photographer for almost seventeen years in an analogue and digital studio I started Pixel Pet Art. Creating and painting in Photoshop is a big passion that grew out to the portraits I am creating today, with fun and dedication.

I love digital painting, creating a one of a kind custom art of animals, so to me it's a joy to create a beautiful wall art for you. As a present for a friend, a loved one, or for yourself: it's original, a one of a kind custom artwork, a lasting memory. It's my mission to design you a pet art you will enjoy. Do send me a contact form if you want more information about a custom made artwork, a print of an excisting artwork or for commissions and possibilities!    Jessica Vonk

The scenes and/or costumes of the artworks are inspired from real classic paintings, a movie or a serie, I pixel paint them with your fur friend in it. You will get a large digital file so you can print it out on a canvas or share on social media!

Custom artworks are painted digitally and very detailed. Of course it's also possible to let me arrange to print you a canvas of your artwork, or other prints on aluminium or wood! Ask for printing costs and shipment costs if you would like this extra service. If you have any questions please contact me.