Pixel Pet Art and how it's made

To order a custom limited edition of the Daantje Classics see more information below.

If you'd like a custom piece please fill out the contact form describing your wishes. You can choose if I make you a digital painting of your pet, but a family portrait is possible too! 

It's a treasure to hang on your wall, one of a kind original!

I will send you my idea and when you commission me I will start to digitally paint your artwork. During the painting process I will keep in touch with you to make sure the end result is a painting you love.

Who makes it

Who makes your piece of art?

After being a portrait photographer and resident trainer for almost seventeen years in an analogue photography studio (PhotoCorporation) and digital photography studio (Fosica) I started Pixel Pet Art digital painting mid 2018 as a avocation next to my current work as a creative marketing assistent. Creating and painting in Photoshop is a big passion next to my big love for classic art, that grew out to the portraits I am creating today, with lots of fun and dedication. My main subject is my dog Daantje, who is also brand ambassador.

Jessica Vonk Pixel Pet Art

Next to a variety of mostly promotional commissions I made the past year (see reviews in my guestbook) I am making a collection of Daantje Classics, based on artworks from painters of the past that I love, but with a twist. The first of the classics are for sale on this website starting mid september 2019 limited edition wood print (see below). They will also be available beginning of 2020 for interior designers, more on that later. 

My motivation to make this art is to put a smile on people's faces and give them a lasting memory to keep smiling about. Photography as my core provides me the right base for the digital artworks I am creating today.

Do send me a contact form if you want more information about a custom made artwork, print(s) of a Daantje Classics artwork, for commissions and possibilities! 

Custom artworks are painted digitally and very detailed, one of a kind, no standard backgrounds or costumes.

Any wishes you have you can write to me in your email or contact form, like maybe you want his favourite snack in it, or an accessoire you love. Tell me a bit about his/her character. Also tell me your favourite colours to match your home.

The scenes and/or costumes of the artworks are inspired from real classic paintings, a movie or a serie, I digitally paint them with your fur friend in it. Printed on a canvas or on wood it's a beautiful wall art.

Prices of the custom artworks starting mid september 2019 you can find below. They are based on the past year, taken the average time to make an artwork. Prices of canvas and wood include shipment with track and trace internationally. A downpayment of at least 50% of the total amount is required before I start on your artwork. I only take commissions direct from clients due to communication and payments. If you have any other questions please contact me or see the FAQ page.

Jessica Vonk.

Currently working on:

The owner described the dogs as little criminals.. meet The Capones!

Prices september 2019 

Prints on wood of Daantje Classics. (limited, certificate included)

Custom artworks of your own pet. (Print:Signed piece,certificate included.)

Digital custom portrait Digital file (no print) Big print wood 23.5x31.5 inches Big print canvas 23.5x31.5 inches
One pet painting 399.- +200.- +150.-
Two pets painting 409.- +200.- +150.-
Three pets painting 419.- +200.- +150.-
Family painting (max 5) 479.- +200.- +150.-

* Prices in dollars, the custom canvas and wood artworks include shipment costs internationally with track and trace but exclude taxes you might have to pay, depending on your state's tax rules.

Due to the fact that the portraits are custom made there are no refunds available.

dog art custom made example size canvas
Pixel Pet Art dog art print painting

examples prints horizontal and vertical