Pixel Pet Art in Volkskrant magazine 

december 2018

Pixel Pet Art was chosen by Volkskrant, one of Dutch best known newspapers, to be published in their newspaper as one of the most original gifts!

Digital pet art

oktober 2018

Pixel Pet Art on Dutch Design Week 

Dutch Design Week Manifestations: will the future design us.. or will we design the future?

Last oktober Pixel Pet Art was invited to display artworks at the Veembuilding at Strijp-S in Eindhoven during one of Europe's biggest design expo: Dutch Design Week!

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Thank you Dutch Design Week Manifestations for the great exhibition!


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2019 Pixel Pet Art got the circulair product approval, since it's made and delivered digitally! If you want to print your artwork please care about the environment and choose a FSC@ or PEFC recycled paper brand, or choose a printing office that uses more eco friendly machinery, ink and paper!

Pixel Pet Art cares