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Digital Paintings dogs and cats

Inspired by real classic paintings!

hondenkunst teckels / dogart dachshunds


M. Vervloet, Belgium 

Jessica's artwork always amazes me. How she portrays the personality of the pets so well, and makes it look like it's a painting from in the past, is just surreal.
I can never get enough of watching her work, and awaiting the new ones to appear!


S. Havens, USA

Jessica is an artistic genius and takes your dog or other pets and makes a masterpiece portrait of it. She turned my cocker spaniel Baby Cakes into the Beauty in Beauty and the Beast with her Daantje as the beast. You will love what she can create for you! Christmas is coming up and they would make wonderful gifts! 


J. Sanda, USA

Reagan is so excited to be Lady Justice for her human dad. Exceptional work Jessica!

Pixel Pet Art studio cares, we are Circulair approval

Pixel Pet Art circulair product

Pixel Pet Art got the circulair product approval! If you ever print please care about the environment and choose a FSC@ or PEFC recycled paper brand, or choose a printing office that uses more eco friendly machinery, ink and paper!

kunstwerk honden