Project Dogs

What has become a yearly tradition, Pixel Pet Art is doing a big project: a classic painting is repainted in a dog classic with wet noses that speaks to the heart.

With a model search on Facebook fifteen dog owners got to enter their pup for the artwork, excited to present the pawsome models:

models for the painting:

  • Lady from Sweden
  • Baby Cakes from South Carolina, USA
  • Narnia from Belgium
  • Duncan from Maine, USA
  • Cock from the Netherlands
  • Bentley from Connecticut, USA
  • Waddles from USA
  • Duncan Patrick from Arizona, USA
  • Hailey from New York, USA
  • Troy from the Netherlands
  • Sully from Alberta, Canada
  • Just from Florida, USA
  • Uma from Norway
  • Jones from Walpole, USA
  • Button from Toledo, Ohio

For the next months I will be posting the progress, when a dog is painted I will post it on this page, be sure to visit from time to time!

If you have any questions about this project please fill out the contact form, or send an email. To follow Pixel Pet Art on Facebook.

february 16- update 1

Start up trouble.

last week my Photoshop wouldn't load and after contact with customer service they adviced me to update my Mac. My Mac is a very old computer and I should have known it couldn't handle an upgrade but confident as I was I ran it anyway...and it crashed. The hard drive crashed.

I was literally sick of it a few days. Not being able to paint or go to my previous files...luckily I printed all of the artwork for the exhibit in March. So now I am on the hunt for a good replacement.

In the meantime I will still be able to work on the group portrait because, that's the good news: when picking out the best photo's and placing them on the right spot in the painting I don't need Photoshop, just a sharp eye and my memory, since that hasn't crashed the group portrait is still going as planned! Best photo's are picked and the painting is getting shape.

Next update will come soon!