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Rough structure portraits with name, a modern wall art

Modern dog and cat portraits with name

Rough portraits 

Custom wall art of your dog or cat!

These are non painted portraits, digitally altered to a rough structure. Added with your pups or cats name it is a wonderful wall art. You will get the digital file so you can have it printed in any number, size or on any material you like! Price is $59.00 (US dollars) for one pet. If you have more pets you want in one altered portrait send me a message so we can discuss the possibilities for you!

Original wall art

Advantages Digital File

  • You can always do reprints later, on other materials or in any sizes. No expensive reorders.
  • You can choose your own printing company.
  • You can use the file to put on social media to show your cute pet to the world.
  • No shipping fees, it is send digitally.
  • You can place it in a digital photo frame.
  • You get a watermarked version first. If you don't like it for any reason, you don't have to buy it!

This makes a wonderful gift!

How does it work?

  • You order and send in a photo(s) to: info@digitalpetart.com
  • The photo doesn't have to be high quality, it will be adjusted where needed
  • You add your pet's name in the e-mail
  • Within a few days I will e-mail a watermarked example of the rough portrait for your approval
  • If you like it you pay for the portrait (via e-mail from PayPal)
  • I will e-mail you the digital file that is suitable for large prints.

For more information contact me or see prints and prices.

Order your dog or cat artwork now!

Send me a photo of your pet and name: info@digitalpetart.com

USdollar price: 59.00. Euro price: 52,00.